Azure Landing Zones | Architectural Blueprint, Tooling & Best Practices

An Azure landing zone is an environment that follows key design principles across eight design areas.

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An Azure landing zone is an environment that follows key design principles across eight design areas.

These design principles accommodate all application portfolios and enable application migration, modernization, and innovation at scale.

An Azure landing zone uses subscriptions to isolate and scale application resources and platform resources. Subscriptions for application resources are called application landing zones, and subscriptions for platform resources are called platform landing zones.

As you build new Cloud-based services and migrate or modernize, check out the new tools to assess where you are in your Cloud journey and how to automate the build out of recommended foundational services to host your workloads in Azure.

Whether you’re in a data center, you need to move fast to accommodate new circumstances for your organization, or you simply started experimenting with new services—that experimental workload could be playing an essential role in your operations, while the long-term foundation for your workload might be overlooked.

This overview details how recent Azure Landing Zone updates are all about setting you up properly for future growth and scale, while addressing current realities.

Anyone who’s building on the Cloud knows you don’t always know what you don’t know. Instead of going through the pain of experience, Azure Landing Zone gives you a clear path forward to avoid specific gotchas from the get go.

Azure Landing Zone expert Matt McSpirit joins Jeremy Chapman to walk you through recent updates.


00:00 Introduction of Azure Landing Zone updates
00:49 Driving events that push you to consider the Cloud
01:42 Updates to the architecture
02:24 Modular approach that’s scalable and repeatable
03:40 Root Management Group – organize subscriptions for services
04:30 On ramps for various starting points
05:43 Land Zone Review
7:50 Build with Landing Zone Accelerator
11:08 How to get started

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