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Migration & Modernization

Modernizing enterprise applications and IT infrastructure through Azure Cloud Migration.


The AMMP (Azure Migration and Modernization Program) helps accelerate your cloud migration and modernization process.

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Cloud Adoption Framework

The Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure gives customers a set of tools, guidance, and narratives that help shape technology, business, and people strategies for driving desired business outcomes during their adoption effort.

Microsoft offers best practices for planning transition to their Cloud services through their Migration Centre.

Digital Transformation

Migration provides a foundation for Digital Transformation, through transitioning applications to a more agile, modernized environment capable of high-speed change.

Modernize Applications & Infrastructure

Cloud Migration can act as a catalyst for an enterprise-wide modernization of IT infrastructure, from simple 'lift and shift' projects through wholesale modernization of the enterprise application estate.

Migration Blueprints

A catalogue of blueprints applying Azure Migration practices to specific use case scenarios, from virtual desktops through single applications like Quickbooks.

Best Practices

We provide an ongoing series of Azure Migration implementation best practices.

AT&T had reached a point where the complexity of its IT environment was hampering its ability to respond quickly to new customer needs and market opportunities.

Successful cloud adoption is the result of properly skilled people doing the appropriate types of work, in alignment with clearly defined business goals, and in a well-managed environment.
Drive the most value from your cloud investment during migration so that you can realize your business goals, accelerate growth, drive sustainable innovation, or realize cost benefits of the cloud.

Enterprise Azure

Migrating Enterprise IT to the Cloud

The Cloud has now evolved to the extent CIO’s can consider it mature enough for their entire IT estate, not just ad-hoc web applications.
Standardizing on a single supplier platform offers considerable potential for large-scale cost efficiency savings and also enhanced digital innovation capabilities.
There are virtualized services and migration options for all aspects of legacy IT, from servers through networking and desktops, which can be managed through a single enterprise tool set.
This guide is intended for CIO’s intending to embark on this holistic migration and transformation, sharing insights and best practices.
Solution Roadmap

Migration and Modernization

For organizations seeking to implement an Azure Cloud Migration we offer helpful resource guides and a network of solution partners.
A detailed introductory guide to Azure Migration, covering technology and implementation practices.

Cloud Migration Blueprint

Define a roadmap and 'To Be' target architecture for migrated applications.

Application Modernization

As well as hosting applications on global infrastructure they can also be transformed to a Cloud Native architecture to better leverage those capabilities.

Cloud Operations Platform

Having migrated applications automated practices can be applied to monitor their performance and uptime, and also optimize their cost footprint.

Solution Guide

A detailed introductory guide to Azure Migration solutions, covering technology and implementation, including Maturity Model and Adoption Roadmap.

Support Community

Our user community provides an online collaboration space for peer networking, e-learning and expert support, with dedicated zones for adoption scenarios for products like Migration.


Listings of Azure Partners who specialize in
Cloud Migration and offer implementation services.

UnifyCloud ensures customers successfully migrate to the Cloud while maintaining Cost Control, Compliance and Cybersecurity.
777 Networks Ltd is a Microsoft Partner and Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider based in Leeds, U.K.
Sentinel Partners are data and systems integration specialists. We provide software solutions that can quickly and reliably bring information and understanding together from the various sources of data that an organisation holds.

Need help to plan and design your Cloud Migration?

Migration Design Services

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