Azure Solutions

Tools and Practices for Enterprise Transformation

A solutions knowledge base and vendor directory for accelerating the adoption of Microsoft Azure.

With its vast array of services and tools, Azure provides a powerful platform for organizations to embark on their digital transformation journey.


Vendor Directory

A global directory of Azure experts and solution service providers.


Maturity Model

Assess and plan your Azure adoption roadmap with our maturity model.


Vodafone Open Sources Global Best Practices with GitHub and Microsoft’s Azure DevOps.


Modernizing Interactive Experiences with Azure Kubernetes Service.

Case Study Showcase

Enterprise Thought Leaders

Our solution guides are developed through the analysis of real-world enterprise case studies, distilling the lessons learned into repeatable best practices.

Featuring enterprise organizations like Vodafone, Starbucks, Pepsi and Coca Cola, we document their cutting edge digital strategies and the Azure services they utilized to achieve them, sharing these as blueprints for others to learn from and adopt as their own.

ABN Amro brings fully customized Teams meeting capabilities directly into the bank’s own digital banking portal for customers.

Accelerating Digital Transformation

Microsoft Azure is a comprehensive cloud computing platform that offers a wide range of services and tools to help businesses drive digital transformation.

Azure offers a comprehensive suite of products and services, that our guides organize into solutions for common use cases.

With its scalable infrastructure, advanced analytics capabilities, and extensive suite of services, Azure empowers organizations to innovate, modernize their IT infrastructure, and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Solution Blueprints

Solution guides provide a repeatable blueprint of best practices and implementation plan.

Integrated Tools

Solutions define a combination of core Azure services plus augmentative partner capabilities.

Expert Practices

Multi-discipline teams can be rapidly assembled to address a diverse range of projects.

Azure Developer

A comprehensive suite of services and tools designed to empower software developers and enhance their development process.

Entra Identity

Entra offers a single solution to centrally manage your entire identity infrastructure.

Digital Workspace

A Digital Workspace strategy enables your organization to embrace the Future of Work and facilitate an increasingly remote and virtual enterprise.

Migration and Modernization

The AMMP (Azure Migration and Modernization Program) helps accelerate your cloud migration and modernization process.

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