Optimize Your Azure Migration with FinOps Best Practices

Drive the most value from your cloud investment during migration so that you can realize your business goals, accelerate growth, drive sustainable innovation, or realize cost benefits of the cloud.

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A key strategic objective of Cloud Migration is to yield significant operational cost savings, and ‘FinOps’ practices are key to realizing this benefit.

Financial Operations, commonly known as FinOps, is a set of practices that combines financial accountability with cloud technology’s agility.

Implementing FinOps best practices on the Microsoft Azure cloud can help organizations optimize costs, improve efficiency, and drive business growth. As Microsoft defines:

FinOps is a discipline that combines financial management principles with cloud engineering and operations to provide organizations with a better understanding of their cloud spending.”

These practices enable you to drive the most value from your cloud investment during migration so that you can realize your business goals, accelerate growth, drive sustainable innovation, or realize cost benefits of the cloud.

Leverage FinOps in Azure to optimize your cloud spend and drive accountability across your organization. With Microsoft Cost Management, gain complete visibility into your cloud costs, track spending by department or project, and forecast future expenses. Utilize management groups, subscriptions, and tags to organize costs and allocate resources efficiently, ensuring alignment with organizational priorities.

Make informed decisions with proactive cost reduction recommendations from Azure Advisor and architectural best practices like Azure Landing Zones. Operationalize FinOps practices with centralized management focus and continuous evaluation through the FinOps Review assessment.

Azure Cloud Cost Management

In this episode of the Azure Enblement Show, Thomas is joined by Obinna to discuss how you can use Azure savings plan to save on compute services. Obinna will also give a detailed demonstration of how the savings options are calculated and show you how to access the savings plan in the Azure portal.

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Turbo360 is an advanced Cloud Management platform that empowers you with significant Azure Cost savings and Infra Monitoring for complex Azure Environments.

This tool has helped customers experience annual savings of up to 30% through advanced cost monitoring, granular analysis, optimization insights, and reduced incident resolution time by 80% through holistic infra monitoring across multiple Azure resources with business context.

Core features:

  • Get clarity on your investments: Get unparalleled visibility of your spending with advanced Azure cost analysis across Azure tenants, teams and any business units.
  • Eliminate wasteful spending: Ensure cost reductions through strategic recommendations for rightsizing resources/purchasing reserved instances and setting up auto-pausing of resources outside business hours.
  • Accelerate incident resolution: Tie monitoring alerts to business units and remediate faster with a single report spotlighting critical issues across Azure services, streamlining your focus on troubleshooting.
  • End-to-end business tracking: Bring business context over the messages flowing through intricate Azure/hybrid integration for effectively tracking and troubleshooting critical issues.
  • Technical Azure Documentation: Auto-generate documentations on resource usage, cost/security and generate editable diagrams for seamlessly sharing them with relevant stakeholders.
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