Digital Workspace

End User Computing Strategies for the Distributed Enterprise

As organizations embrace the New World of Work, with teams now working remotely across the world, enterprise infrastructure must adapt to enable this new paradigm.




A Digital Workspace strategy enables your organization to embrace the Future of Work and facilitate an increasingly remote and virtual enterprise.

Workspaces provide virtual environments for teams to meet, collaborate and action projects, achieved through web communities, video meetings and integrated workflow applications.

Azure Virtual Desktop

The building block of the Digital Workspace is Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD), a flexible cloud virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) platform that securely delivers virtual desktops and remote apps with maximum control.

Cloud Optimization

Reduce costs, complexities and operational overhead, seamlessly scaling infrastructure up and down in line with usage.

Enhanced Productivity

Enable staff to work remotely and virtually across a variety of devices via a low-latency, optimized experience.

Compliance and Security

Retain the entire desktop within the corporate environment, ensuring data and applications are not stored locally and not at risk.

Empowering the Virtual Workforce

Enable a secure remote desktop experience from virtually anywhere
AVD enables you to harness the utility compute, pricing and hyper-scalability of the Azure Cloud for your desktop infrastructure.
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AVD Best Practices

An ongoing series of Azure Virtual Desktop implementation best practices.

AT&T had reached a point where the complexity of its IT environment was hampering its ability to respond quickly to new customer needs and market opportunities.

A detailed analysis of why and how Lloyds chose and implemented AVD for their enterprise-wide virtual desktop platform.
Azure Virtual Desktop Insights is a dashboard built on Azure Monitor Workbooks that helps IT professionals understand their Azure Virtual Desktop environments.
Solution Roadmap

Digital Workspace Implementation

For organizations seeking to implement a Digital Workspace strategy we offer helpful resource guides and a network of solution partners.

The Solution Guide details an Azure solution architecture and implementation Statement of Work:

Devices and Windows Upgrades

Often a key driver for AVD is a need to upgrade end user devices and operating systems. Our blueprint details an end user device strategy that maximizes performance and cost effectiveness.

Cloud Migration Blueprint

Migrate your existing host infrastructure to new Azure Virtual Desktop host infrastructure on Azure and tailor your VDI images to the new environment.

Operations Platform

FinOps and monitoring tools and practices to ensure the optimum ongoing service availability for the least cost.

Solution Guide

A detailed introductory guide to Digital Workspace solutions, covering technology and implementation, including Maturity Model and Adoption Roadmap.

Support Community

Our user community provides an online collaboration space for peer networking, e-learning and expert support, with dedicated zones for adoption scenarios for products like AVD.


Listings of Azure Partners who specialize in
Virtual Working and offer implementation services.

IGEL offers COSMOS, a unified, agile platform to securely manage and automate the delivery of digital workspaces, from any cloud.

Citrix DaaS is built on Microsoft Azure, designed to support Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows Server resources to meet your ever-changing business needs.
Stratodesk offers a VDI solution for leverage existing PCs, Laptops, Thin Clients and Raspberry Pis by transforming them into high performing endpoints.

We can help design and implement your ideal virtual working solution.

Digital Workspace Design Services

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