1 week ago

    Next Generation AI-Driven Software Development with the Microsoft Cloud

    By leveraging AI algorithms and machine learning models, developers can automate repetitive tasks, optimize code quality, and accelerate the development…
    January 31, 2024

    Becoming an AI-Powered Organization: Microsoft Cloud in the Era of AI

    Microsoft Azure provides a comprehensive suite of AI services designed to empower enterprise customers with cutting-edge tools and technologies.
    January 29, 2024

    Secure Access in the AI Era: What’s New in Microsoft Entra

    Reduce complexity, protect every identity, enforce least privilege access and improve user experience with a unified identity and security service…

    Case Studies

      1 week ago

      Vodafone’s Journey to the Cloud Native, AI-Powered Telco

      Vodafone is embracing Cloud Native AI to transform from a Telco to a Techco and build a 5G and IoT…
      January 26, 2024

      U.S. Army Desktop Empowers Student Learners with Azure Virtual Desktop

      Distance learning and virtual classrooms have become commonplace across education within the Army thanks to technology improvement and innovation.
      December 2, 2023

      LEGO House: Modernizing Interactive Experiences with Azure Kubernetes Service

      This shift to a cloud-based approach improved experience uptime and stability and will enable LEGO House to quickly update and…
      August 22, 2023

      ABN AMRO Meets Customers Anywhere for Financial Advice with Microsoft Teams and Azure Communication Services

      ABN Amro brings fully customized Teams meeting capabilities directly into the bank’s own digital banking portal for customers.
      August 13, 2023

      Vodafone Open Sources Global Best Practices with GitHub and Microsoft’s Azure DevOps

      By migrating to a unified DevOps platform, Vodafone’s development efforts operate like a single, global team rather than several disparate…
      August 1, 2023

      Azure Virtual Desktop – Enterprise Case Study: Lloyds Banking Group

      A detailed analysis of why and how Lloyds chose and implemented AVD for their enterprise-wide virtual desktop platform.
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