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Azure for Operators – Building the Cloud Native Telco with Microsoft

Microsoft offers an industry solution program for Telcos: Azure for Operators.

This includes standard Azure capabilities as well as some tailored specifically for telecommunications, such as a 5G Core.

It’s an especially potent field of innovation for both the Cloud and Telco industries, as it’s a major paradigm shift for telecomms to shift from traditional, hardware-centric networks to a software-based one in the Cloud.

Microsoft addresses this sector with partners such as Amdocs. In the feature video Martin Lund, CVP of Azure for Operators at Microsoft, outlines the company’s partner-first plans and explains what’s different about Microsoft’s approach to working in the telco networking space.

Operator Connect

Similarly integration with Telco networks enables services like Microsoft 365 to be extended with value add features like Team Phones Calling, a powerful way to extend Teams collaboration with telephony functionality, and Operator Connect is one option for providing this PSTN connectivity.

Partners like Sinch offer professional services and solutions to deliver this capability.

Operator Nexus: Platform for the Cloud Native Telco

For the core Telco network capabilities offers a broad and deep suite of solutions, headlined by initiatives such as ‘Operator Nexus‘, a carrier-grade and hybrid platform, built to empower telecom operators to modernize and transform their networks, presented in this video.

This enables operators to use cloud technology to modernize and monetize their network investments—lowering total cost of ownership (TCO), driving operational efficiency and resiliency with advanced AI and automation, and improving the security of highly distributed, software-based networks.

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