Verify your Workplace on LinkedIn with Microsoft Entra Verified ID

Entra Verified ID enables organizations to issue and verify workplace credentials, citizenship, education status or certifications.

Microsoft has embraced open standards and the evolution towards decentralized identity, extending their suite to work with ‘Verifiable Credentials’.

Entra Verified ID enables organizations to issue and verify workplace credentials, citizenship, education status or certifications.

For background they describe their Decentralized Identity program and in this video an introduction to Verifiable Credentials, documenting here how Entra implements these decentralized identity principles.

Verifiable Credentials

In this video Learn about verifiable credentials, an open standards platform to help organizations easily verify identity information while protecting the privacy of the individual.

Working together with standards organizations, identity verification providers, technology partners, and customers across industries, governments, and education, Microsoft is uniting the efforts of experts to create a global trust fabric with a secure, convenient, and trustworthy decentralized identity solution for the benefit of individuals and organizations.

This video includes:

  • Challenges of traditional and digital identity credentialing.
  • Critical needs for privacy, security and trust for identity credentialing.
  • Verifiable credentials definition and overview.
  • Enterprise and individual benefits of verifiable credentials.

Sydney Morton joins Scott Hanselman to show how verifiable credentials enable you to own and prove who you are in the digital world. See how to enable decentralized identity through seamless user and developer experiences.

Use Case: Linkedin Verification

A flagship example of the service in action is how it enables verification of organizations on Linkedin, with members able to display this verification on their profile. With a few taps on their phone, members can get their digital employee ID from their organization and choose to share it on LinkedIn.

It’s demonstrated in this video and this knowledge base article explains how to set it up, and writing on Linkedin Oscar Rodriguez, Linkedin’s VP Product Management, describes how this sits within their overall verification program.

Microsoft’s Decentralized Identity Strategy

For some background context this podcast interview with Ankur Patel, Head of Product at Entra Verified ID, is enlightening.

They begin the conversation by reviewing Microsoft’s storied history of identity initiatives, and why one of the world’s most valuable companies made decentralized identity one of their major focus areas, and dive into the announcement about verifiable credentials on LinkedIn, which allows companies to issue employment credentials, so LinkedIn members can truly prove they actually work at the organization listed on their LinkedIn profile.

Ankur is one of the pioneers in decentralized identity and his perspective on why enterprises are adopting decentralized identity is fascinating.

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