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Microsoft Power Apps overview

An overview about the Power Apps and how it is changing the world of automation and coding.

In this video, the narrator gives us an overview about the Power Apps and how it is changing the world of automation and coding.

These days many of us are learning new ways to work smarter, faster and getting more done in less time. The Microsoft PowerApps is the world’s most low-code application development platform. Now, each one of us has power to create innovative applications that automate the processes we use every day quickly.

With intuitive Microsoft tools, pre-built templates and drag-drop simplicity. PowerApps make it easy to seamlessly connect to hundreds of business systems and databases like SAP, Oracle, Workday and Salesforce. It automatically standardizes all kind of data across our organization to unlock data silos too, which makes it easy to build apps that work efficiently across different departments and divisions.

At 00:48, he gives an example of person in accounting who builds an app that updates and auto-fills customer data in any forms we use, sales can use it. It is easily available for any one in our entire organization.

From 01:05, the narrator tells us how we can add advanced functionality if want to take our apps to next level. Like AI, analytics chatbots, interactive maps, external portals, mixed reality, IOT and more.

PowerApps is designed to work with the world’s most development tools and platforms. So, professional developers can jump code-first into low-code projects while collaborating and scaling innovation on Visual Studio, GitHub and even Azure.

At 01:35, he concludes the video by guiding that if anyone wants to transform more of their business ideas and the business solutions, they should definitely do it right now with Microsoft PowerApps where possibilities are really unlimited.

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