Power Flow

The Microsoft Power Platform empowers everyone to create innovative Low Code solutions, incorporating powerful next-generation AI copilots.

With modules including Power Apps, Pages, Automate, and Copilot Studio, enterprises can harness the full suite to accelerate development and automate key processes.

Power Flow is a keystone foundation for enterprise-wide digital transformation, providing the tools needed to digitize the myriad of many small processes that form an organization's total operations.

Ai Process Automations

Through connectors to enterprise applications like SAP, and augmented further with Ai, virtual agents can intelligently automate manual workflows.

Team Flow

Combined with other Microsoft technologies like Teams, integrations can improve flow at the people and process level, enabling 'Power Teams'.

Solution Guide

Power Flow is a methodology that combines enterprise workflow analysis and optimization design, with rapid process building using Power Apps.

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Enterprise Workflows

The Coca Cola case study provides a keynote example of how Power Flow is ideal for automating the multitude of small step business process bureaucracy that enterprises have to handle, intelligently spanning multiple applications to do so.

Workflow Modeling

Workflows are charted and mapped to understand and improve their flow process.

Application Mapping

Once flow models are developed they can then be mapped on to the Power Apps required to automate their workflow steps.

Workflow Blueprints



Flow Recipes are blueprints of different application combinations and integrations that speed up team collaboration workflows.

Combining Teams and Power Apps enables organizations to customize and repeatedly execute high performance collaboration patterns.

An AI agent that understands natural language, so you can ask it to deploy clusters or answer questions in plain English, right inside Slack.

Mainframes have been the backbone of many organizations for decades, but as technology evolves, modernizing these legacy systems becomes crucial.

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