Sentinel Partners

Sentinel Partners are data and systems integration specialists. We provide software solutions that can quickly and reliably bring information and understanding together from the various sources of data that an organisation holds.

Azure Migration

Using our industry-leading data technology, we enable organisations to seamlessly migrate their data to Azure’s Cloud Services. Our cloud migration service provides a proven, experienced and dependable migration.

Providing increased security, power, flexibility and cost effectiveness, Azure offers a modern, dynamic service for organisations seeking to free themselves from the constraints and costs of running an on-premises IT infrastructure.

Not only can we transfer your data, but we can also increase its quality at the same time with our cleansing and integration service – enabling you to begin using Azure with your data in optimised condition.

Sentinel is a Microsoft Partner with more than ten years of data migration experience. We understand organisations’ evolving requirements and the continuing importance of data security, confidentiality and compliance.

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