Use Azure Virtual Desktop Insights to Monitor your AVD Deployment

Azure Virtual Desktop Insights is a dashboard built on Azure Monitor Workbooks that helps IT professionals understand their Azure Virtual Desktop environments.

On March 6th Microsoft announced the general availability of Azure Virtual Desktop Insights at Scale.

This new feature builds on the capabilities of Azure Virtual Desktop Insights, which enabled reviewing information related to a single host pool at a time.

Azure Virtual Desktop Insights at Scale allows for reporting of key information across resources in one view, including the ability to view diagnostic and connection information across multiple subscriptions.

It also requires no additional configuration or setup for existing users of AVD Insights.


In this video Ben Murphy joins Scott Hanselman to walk through Azure Virtual Desktop Insights, which is a native monitoring solution that gives you visibility into connection characteristics and optimization opportunities for your AVD environment.

Administrators working with Azure Virtual Desktop Insights can now make use of the Azure Monitor Agent (AMA) to collect data from session hosts for their native monitoring solution.


00:00 – Introduction
00:50 – Macro and micro analysis
01:33 – Overview tab
03:33 – Connection Diagnostics tab
04:44 – Connection Performance tab
05:37 – Utilization tab
12:20 – Clients tab
14:57 – Configuring AVD Insights
16:30 – Wrap-up

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