Perimeter 81

Perimeter 81 is a robust, yet easy-to-use, converged networking and network security platform which connects all users, in the office or remote, to all resources, located on-prem, or cloud.

It is a cloud-native service that includes advanced capabilities such as Zero Trust remote access, Internet access control, malware protection and firewall as a service.

Entra Identity

The Microsoft integrationย enables you to secure your cloud environment and provide remote and mobile employees with private network access to Microsoft Azure applications.

By utilizing a Zero Trust model based on Identity Providers including Azure AD and others, Perimeter 81 enables secure, policy-based resource access. Now IT teams relying on Azure will have access to a variety of essential networking and security tools in a single platform, eliminating tool sprawl and providing a one-stop-shop for network security.

It enables any business to build a secure corporate network over a private global backbone, without hardware and within minutes. The entire service is managed from a unified console and is backed by an award-winning global support team that has you covered 24/7.

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