Stratodesk NoTouch OS – A Thin Client Solution for Azure Virtual Desktop

Stratodesk offers a VDI solution for leverage existing PCs, Laptops, Thin Clients and Raspberry Pis by transforming them into high performing endpoints.

A key challenge for Azure Virtual Desktop adoption is how you handle the existing local devices.

This is a huge problem for many enterprises, as these endpoints will require individual attention, maintenance and updates.

In addition, there’s the hardware problem. What do you do with your existing devices. Do you upgrade all of them to Windows 10? Do you replace all of your devices with new, cutting edge PCs able to handle a local Windows 10 installation?

All of these issues can quickly cost a fortune.

The Stratodesk Solution

Stratodesk offers a solution for addressing this scenario: PC Conversion (also known as Repurposing) is fully hardware agnostic. The Linux-based OS, NoTouch OS, replaces local Windows installations.

For BYOD scenarios and personal devices, it can also run side-by-side with Windows. What’s more, Stratodesk NoTouch OS comes ready to connect to your Azure Virtual Desktop deployment in Microsoft Azure directly out of the box.

AVD users can gain incredible cost savings from PC Conversion. Industry leading organizations have saved as much as 2 million dollars from avoiding PC replacement costs alone. What’s more, enterprises save a fortune as IT labor is redirected away from low-level maintenance costs and instead towards more meaningful work.

Lastly, once your devices are converted, they can be easily managed via Stratodesk NoTouch Center. NoTouch Center is the premier endpoint management solution for AVD.

NoTouch Center lets you manage thousands of VDI Thin Clients and other devices from one easy-to-use management center. By supporting inheritance of settings, groups can be easily set, configured and synced.

NoTouch Center is available via the Azure Marketplace.

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