Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Azure Virtual Desktop provides a core foundation of Cloud-enabled Digital Transformation, providing a platform to securely enable more agile, distributed workforce business models.

Enhanced Productivity

Enable staff to work remotely and virtually across a variety of devices via a low-latency, optimized experience.

Compliance and Security

Retain the entire desktop within the corporate environment, ensuring data and applications are not stored locally and not at risk.

Cloud Optimization

Reduce costs, complexities and operational overhead, seamlessly scaling infrastructure up and down in line with usage.

VDI Solutions

Best practices for designing and implementing Azure Virtual Desktop, and showcase of vendor services and solutions.


Servent helped the University of Glasgow (UoG) enable tens of thousands of Students and Staff to work safely from anywhere in the world using Azure Virtual Desktop.
Whether you are looking at AVD as a completely new platform or you are migrating from legacy VDI solutions, this TechTalk will expand your knowledge on AVD.
Citrix DaaS is built on Microsoft Azure, designed to support Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows Server resources to meet your ever-changing business needs.
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