A Digital Workspace strategy enables your organization to embrace the Future of Work and facilitate an increasingly remote and virtual enterprise.

Workspaces provide virtual environments for teams to meet, collaborate and action projects, achieved through web communities, video meetings and integrated workflow applications.

Intranet Community

Plug and Play Apps

Apps like Microsoft Sharepoint, Teams and others provide the tools to create a collaboration workspace for your organization, and it can then be further customized through add-in modules in a plug and play fashion.

Social Intranet Collaboration

A Digital Workspace provides the core intranet environment for your organization to meet and collaborate virtually, utilizing social networking features to better connect expertise across the enterprise.

Enterprise Applications

Through additional apps and code modules, this can be enhanced to address specific workflow use cases like Project Management, Sales and HR, including integration with enterprise apps like SAP for end-to-end processes.

Enterprise Infrastructure

Depending on their requirements, current IT estate and policies, organizations may need to set up a number of enabling infrastructure components and services.

Cloud and Networking

Apps can be hosted on-premise or in the Cloud, requiring set up and management, such as backups, and features like voice call integration requires interfaces to telco providers.

Security and Devices

Employees may need tools such as virtual desktops, mobile and telephony devices, as well as specialist equipment like videoconferencing rooms, with secure access regulated through Active Directory profiles and integration.

Solution Guide

Insights for Buyers

For organizations seeking to implement a Digital Workspace strategy we offer helpful resource guides and a network of solution partners.


Best Practices Guide

A detailed introductory guide to Digital Workspace solutions, covering technology and implementation.


Partner Directory

Listings of Azure Partners who specialize in Virtual Working and offer implementation services.


Nerdio empowers Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Enterprise IT Professionals to deploy, manage, and cost optimize virtual desktops in Microsoft Azure.
Citrix DaaS is built on Microsoft Azure, designed to support Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows Server resources to meet your ever-changing business needs.
Stratodesk offers a VDI solution for leverage existing PCs, Laptops, Thin Clients and Raspberry Pis by transforming them into high performing endpoints.

We can help design and implement your ideal virtual working solution.

Virtual Work Design Services

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