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Charles Lamanna – Power Platform in the AI Era: Low-Code Development & the Copilot Revolution

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At the Microsoft Power Platform Conference, Charles Lamanna delivered a talk on the topic of “Power Platform in the AI Era: Low-Code Development & the Copilot Revolution.”

In his talk, Charles Lamanna highlighted the importance of the Power Platform in the current technological landscape.

He emphasized the need for low-code development solutions and how they can empower businesses to build applications more efficiently.

  • Low-Code Development – Lamanna discussed the concept of low-code development and its benefits. He explained how low-code platforms enable users to create applications with minimal coding knowledge, reducing the reliance on traditional software development processes. This approach allows organizations to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives and quickly respond to changing business requirements.
  • AI Era – The talk also focused on the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in the Power Platform. Lamanna explained how AI capabilities can be integrated into low-code development environments, enabling users to leverage advanced analytics, natural language processing, and machine learning algorithms. This integration empowers businesses to build intelligent applications that can automate processes, make data-driven decisions, and provide personalized experiences to users.
  • Copilot Revolution – Lamanna introduced the concept of the Copilot Revolution, which refers to the collaboration between developers and AI-powered tools. He discussed how AI can act as a virtual assistant, providing suggestions, code snippets, and best practices to developers as they build applications. This revolutionizes the development process by enhancing productivity, reducing errors, and enabling developers to focus on higher-value tasks.

The Microsoft Power Platform empowers everyone to create innovative low-code solutions and thanks to next-generation AI and powerful copilots we are further revolutionizing development. In this session, we will highlight the latest capabilities across the Power Platform – including Power Apps, Power Pages, Power Automate, Power Virtual Agents, and Power BI – and demonstrate how to harness the full platform to accelerate development and boost productivity.

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